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Rel8HRM is a team-focused product. The application is designed to be used by you (the manager) and by your team members too. This human resource management tool was designed with team cohesion in mind. Employees can log in and view information about colleagues. Contact information, social media IDs and employment history highlights can all be entered and viewed by co-workers. Sensitive information is protected and viewable only by users with management privileges.

Rel8 HR

Get acquainted with your extra pair of hands

A single mouse click is all it takes to add, activate, deactivate, or delete an employee record. Rel8HRM helps you assess your team members at review time too. From the moment of joining your business an employee’s career progress is tracked. You can view promotions, accolades, sanctions, disciplinary measures and other events for a full career path overview.

Organizing your employee records is easy, using categories. You can classify staff members based on employment status (part time/full time), vacation entitlement policy, site location, and other categories. All these features and more are packed into an easy-to use, responsive application that works flawlessly on all browser and device types.

  • Responsive Design
  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee Info
  • Organization Chart
  • Employment & Salary History
  • Fact Sheet
  • Document Managment
  • Task Management
  • Time Off & vacation Management
  • Intranet Site & Blog
  • Public Holiday & Event Calendar
  • Internal Group Chat
  • Online payroll and payslip management
  • Online recruitment management

Responsive Design

Cutting-edge design for responsive performance


Rel8HRM’s design provides real go-anywhere HR assistance. That’s because it was built using innovative technology. Rel8HRM incorporates Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery and is based on the world-class YII framework.

The result is an application that provides true mobility, performs superbly on small devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Android), and runs on any popular web browser. You and your employees gain easy access to HR information, in the office, at home or on the move.

Employee Info

Store all employee information in one place

contact info emergency contact address company assets

Employment & Salary History

Track and review employment and salary history


The profile section is also where you view each employee’s work history, milestones, and salary information. These records are viewable through tabs in the overview section of an employee’s profile. The employment history highlights everything from the issue of a flight ticket, through awards or sanctions, to a change in role or a promotion

The salary view is simpler and just allows you to see when an employee received a raise (or reduction). Ad hoc remarks can also be entered in the employment and salary histories.

Task Managment

Stay on top of who’s doing what


No business management tool would be complete without the ability to keep on top of task assignments. The human resource management tool from Rel8 allows you to create tasks, and add descriptions and deadlines. After you have created and assigned a task to an employee, Rel8HRM keeps you informed of task status using a simple, easy-to-follow timeline format.

Time Off & vacation Management

Spreadsheet-free vacation management


One of Rel8HRM’s most timesaving features is the Vacation/Time off management functionality. Vacation and absence entitlement templates can be set up, according to your overall company policies. Employees are then assigned an entitlement within the application. The employee uses the application to log vacation or time-off requests. You are then able to approve or deny the requests. All of this takes place online in real time and the vacation entitlement is adjusted automatically.

Managers and employees can all see at a glance how many days entitlement are left in the current year with the “Remaining Leave Count” monitor. This feature alone saves hours of manual calculations or construction of complicated spreadsheets. Every application for leave or vacation is recorded and can be viewed retrospectively, along with the outcome of the requests. Rel8HRM provides an easy, structured way to organize multiple vacation calendars.

Integrated Payroll

Modern and affordable solution for payroll

Processing payroll for your small & medium size business has never been easier or more affordable. Rel8 combines the latest internet technologies like HTML 5 and responsive design style to give you a simple yet robust alternative to high priced, traditional payroll services.

  • Create pay slips & WPS in few easy steps.
  • Keep Track of Employee salary history, loan & other allowances
  • Print your checks instantly.
  • Track Monthly HR Expenses

Spend less time answering employees' payroll questions by giving them controlled access to their personal and payroll information.

Online Recruitment System

Rel8 HR is a multi-component software tool designed to automate and facilitate the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing and shortlisting new personnel.

  • Easy to use UI design
  • Create and publish multiple job openings with easy steps
  • Integrate with website.
  • Receive, filter & shortlist applications

Public Holiday & Event Calendar

Don’t get caught out by public holidays

A public holiday can be either a very busy or a very quiet time, depending on the nature of your business. If busy, there’s nothing worse than being caught with too many employees on vacation. This need never be a problem with Rel8HRM. The calendar stores all public holiday dates so you can see and announce them in advance. Now it’s easy to have the right manpower during public holidays and assign tasks accordingly.

Employee of the Month

Create competition and motivate your team

Your employees know they work as part of a team, but a little competition never does any harm. Create a competitive spirit and drive a desire to exceed expectations; with Rel8HRM’s Employee of the Month feature. When you name one of your team as employee of the month, it’s announced in the application’s public view for all to see. The information is also updated as an event in the employee history. Employees can add notes of thanks or congratulations to the award notification and it stays for all to see. Employee awards should not be forgotten in the mists of time, Rel8HRM ensures that they remain as a record of achievement.


Organization Chart

Your entire business employee structure at a glance

Rel8HRM includes an organizational structure-charting feature. You can set up a chart and display it so anyone can quickly identify who’s who. Updating and amending the chart is easy as your people move around in the business structure.

Fact Sheet

Improve employee awareness

The Fact Sheet function in Rel8HRM features some useful demographic information, displayed in attractive graphs. Improve your employees’ awareness of the company they work for, by showing them the key facts about their team and business make-up.


Document Management

store and share documents in a safe & secure place

As well as employee documents, other human resource related papers can be uploaded to Rel8HRM, project and policy documents for example. The big advantage is that all documents are securely stored in the cloud. This also makes documents easy to share with other users, or to print hard copies whenever required. Although you will probably need to keep original documents with signatures in traditional storage, having much of your HR paperwork converted to e-documents will save a heap of paper. You’ll free up some storage space in the office, save consumables expenses and keep computer drives free from clutter too.

Internal Group Chat

Collaborate and socialize with internal group chat

Continuing in the spirit of team communication, the internal discussion feature provides your team with a useful way to collaborate on tasks, share current information or enjoy a social chat. When people are working hard, there’s a tendency for communication to break down. We included the discussion feature to provide an extra channel for you and your team to stay in touch.